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Wild Swans

Choreography: Jill Eathorne Bahr

Music: Patricia Van Ness

Costumes: Boston Ballet Costume Shop

Lighting: Craig Miller

1st Cast

Fernando Bujones, Jennifer Gelfand, Carla Stallings, Lazlo Berdo

                      Sharon Story, Gilles Reichert Arthur Leeth

with  members of Boston Ballet


THE BOSTON BALLET BROUGHT their season to an exuberant close with their performance of three Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales: "The Ice Maiden," "The Steadfast Tin Soldier" and "The Wild Swans." The use of ballet lends itself extremely well to the dreamy world of fairy tales, and this performance displayed how the two art forms complement each other.  

The story relates the tale of an evil stepmother who banishes her stepchildren, one daughter and eleven sons, turning the sons into swans. The sister must knit jackets out of nettles to transform her brothers back.

The creation of this piece was made possible by a commission from Boston Ballet and a grant from the New England Biolabs Foundation


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