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2012 Dracula 6
2012  Dracula 3
2012  Dracula 4.jpg
Dracula rips through the air




Jill Eathorne Bahr’s inspired take on the Vampire myth explores the mysteries of the undead and the
struggle between the forces of good and evil. Among the memorable cast of characters are hauntingly
costumed dancers including three ethereal vampire wives, ghostly minions of “undead” Nosferatu, and the
mysterious, thirsty Dracula himself . “DRACULA” is not a horror story, but instead is a mesmerizing, intimate
and multi-layered portrait of a tortured soul. Symbolic of those nameless, faceless fears that lurk in the shadows, ready to pounce, this Dracula is an ominous, elusive power whose presence is as everlasting as Stoker's myth. The ballet follows the story of Count Dracula, a 400-year-old vampire, who sleeps by day and roams the Transylvanian countryside by night to quench his blood thirst. Because his homeland has been drained, Dracula travels to London in search of new disciples. Dracula is portrayed as the seductive villain whose dangerous passion attracts willing victims into becoming part of his unholy fold, the “Nosferatu,” or undead.

This production is a compilation of both dance and drama with highly theatrical choreography and effects.
Consequently, one has a strong sense of narrative as well as visual spectacle. The dramatic and twisting score
compiled by Bahr intertwines works by, Alex North, Bernard Hermann, Leos Janacek, and Arvo Part, and
includes a narration by Frank Jarrell. Speaking about her production Bahr explained: “There are many questions that fascinated me when I approached my version of DRACULA. My take on Dracula is made up of the phantasmagorias that most captivated me from the book. I was also fascinated in the incongruities within the story. Vampires are dead yet live. We are fearful and at the same time enticed. We look to light for its’ ability to expose but we also hide in the shadows. Imagine a world where you can only go out after dark, where you feel a relentless appetite for human blood, but where for all eternity you will appear young and beautiful. A creature who should arouse repulsion in every living thing but who has seduced countless generations, Dracula is possessed of a hypnotic sexuality which fascinates us all “.



Principals: 2 female, 4 male + 4 female soloists
Corps: 10 women, 4 men


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