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Jill Eathorne Bahr's acclaimed choreography breathes new life into Shakespeare's timeless tragedy. With weighty dramatic roles and impassioned classical dancing, this production transports audiences to a world where love burns with consuming intensity, reckless abandon, and a forgetfulness of the world.


Set to Sergei Prokofiev's dynamic score—the beating heart of 20th-century ballet—our Romeo and Juliet embody the raw emotions that only youth can know. Bahr's vision extends beyond the dance steps; she delves into character development, seeking to forge deeper connections between the protagonists.


Within the Capulet household, Bahr deftly defines dynamics. Lady Capulet's feelings toward Tybalt are palpable even before the tragic drama unfolds. Lord Capulet, older and more flamboyant, grapples with anger, while Juliet blossoms from innocent youth to womanhood. Their warm relationship sets the stage for the heart-wrenching climax: when Juliet lies lifeless, it is Lord Capulet who bears the weight of grief.


Bahr shares her passion: "More than any other ballet, I love Romeo and Juliet. Ballerinas yearn to express naked emotion, while the men channel the fire of duels and the tenderness of love. A company's mettle is tested by its Romeo & Juliet—both Juliet and Romeo must be ready to give their all."



Jill Eathorne Bahr's interpretation infuses the classic tale with renewed vigor, inviting us to witness love's tumultuous journey through the eyes of young lovers.







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