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Camelot tells the story of Arthur through the eyes of Merlin, an ageless wizard who lives backwards through time. Aware of the boy's destiny, Merlin teaches him to be good, challenging the concept that "might makes right." Merlin instills the belief that the sole justification for war is to prevent a worse war.

As Young Arthur prepares to lead, Merlin introduces him to Vivienne—the Lady of the Lake. She teaches him the magic of Excalibur, the beautiful and enchanted sword with the power to prevent Arthur from dying. In Act II Arthur uses Merlin’s wisdom to establish the perfect kingdom of Camelot, gathering the world’s best knights at the Roundtable and finding himself a loving Queen in Guinevere. The French knight Lancelot arrives and thoughinitially hated, proves himself, becoming the King's best friend and the Roundtable’s most exemplary knight.

Despite the loyalty and love Lancelot and the Queen have for Arthur, they become lovers. Therein are sown the seeds of Camelot’s destruction!

Mordred goes after the one prize forever denied him—the Queen, dressing in armor stolen from Lancelot. Merlin alerts Arthur who witnesses the evil act of seduction by his son. Morgan commits a last nefarious act of stealing Excalibur for Mordred and Arthur understands his destiny as he begins the Dance of Death with his own son.
In the story’s denouement, Arthur completes the full circle of destiny and begins his final journey home to the Lady of Lake. The Knights of the Roundtable precede Merlin who walks alone with Excalibur. In that final journey, Merlin reminds himself that the boundaries between death and life exist only in the mind.

World Premiere 2007

Set and Costume Design: Campbell Baird,

Costume Execution A. Christina Giannini,
Flying Supervisor: David Hearn—Flying by Foy


Principals 3 woman 5 men
Corp: 16 women 8 men
10 advanced students or  Second Company Members


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