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Rocky  Horror Picture  Show

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An interactive interpretation of cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show  Look for Dr. Frank N. Furter, Riff Raff, Magenta, Brad, Janet, and all the other characters whose stories unfold in a unique night of theatrical dance and audience participation

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Rocky Horror Picture Show:

A Danceable Delight

Once upon a moonlit night, in the shadowy depths of a Transylvanian castle, Dr. Frank N. Furter—a flamboyant and devious scientist—unleashed his wicked creation upon the world. But this wasn't your ordinary experiment; oh no, it was a tantalizing collision of desire, science, and fishnet stockings.
The saga began as a British stage musical—the infamous **Rocky Horror Show. ** Picture it: sequins, stilettos, and secrets whispered in the dark. Susan Sarandon and Barry Bostwick danced their way into our hearts on the silver screen, while Tim Curry, with a devilish grin, reprised his star turn as the enigmatic Dr. Furter. His lab coat? More like a barely-there negligee.

Critics, those stuffy old prudes, initially panned the science fiction/horror film parody. But little did they know that beneath the glittering surface lay a secret—the key to life itself. Midnight shows took on a life of their own, elevating the film to cult status. Over thirty years later, fans still dress up as their favorite characters, parade in the aisles, and in front of the screen. They recite dialogue, throw rice, and toast (you just must be there to understand).

For some, it's a cultural rite-of-passage—a ticket to the wild side. A chance to shed inhibitions, slip into fishnets, and strut like creatures possessed. In the flickering light, they find community—a tribe of misfits, united by their love for Dr. Furter's twisted vision.
And the songs! Oh, the songs! They sing along to favorites like the irresistible "Time Warp" and the sultry "Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch Me." Hips sway, gravity defied, as lips—oh, those crimson lips—croon forbidden tunes.

So, my darlings, whether you're a sweet Janet or a rebellious Riff Raff, remember life's too short to be prim and proper. Embrace the madness, throw on your best corset, and let the Rocky Horror spirit consume you. And if you ever find yourself doing the Time Warp at midnight, just know that somewhere, Dr. Frank N. Furter is winking from the shadows, whispering, "Don't dream it—be it." 

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